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The Benefits of Snow Blower Tire Chains

Posted on August 13, 2021 by Graham Fulp

Snow blowers generally come in two styles: one stage or two stage. Two stage snow blowers have one or more low-speed metal augers that divide the snow and picture it into another high-speed fan that blows the snow outside the discharge chute. These machines are often self-propelled, either with big wheels equipped with tire chains or, in certain circumstance, tracks. Snow blower tire chains are significant for these big wheels since, without them, they wouldn't be able to force themselves through the snow, not as clear it out of the way.

As with other tire chains, snow blower tire chains are offered in a few different styles. They can be bought in two four or link link spacing. In two connection spacing, there's a cross chain each side chain connection. Likewise, four connection spacing means that there's a cross chain each side chain connection. Two connection spacing generally provides for a smoother ride and better traction. Just like other tire chains, snow blower tire chains can be bought with an optional V-Bar chain in both two four and link link spacing. V-Bar chains are especially suggested for snow use because they provide more grip for use on hills, icehockey, and hard packed conditions. However, drivers shouldn't use V-Bar chains on sidewalk because it can harm the surface.

Though snow blower tires are constructed to provide for additional traction in winter weather, snow blower tire chains will provide drivers the excess grip they should make it through the snow conditions.